Friedeman Wines

About Us

How We Started

After meeting in 8th grade, and having been friends for nearly a decade, in 2006 we finally found ourselves together in Chicago enjoying all that the city has to offer. It was easy to be a foodie in the Windy City; however, our interest in wine surprised us both. It wasn't long before we were seeking out a new wine bar every Friday night and spending all our vacation time in Northern California and Oregon. In 2009 we enrolled in an intensive sommelier training at the Le Cordon Bleu, where we spent nearly every weekend distracting ourselves from yet another brutal winter.

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Pursuit of Excellence

2012 was our first proper commercial vintage. With only 250 cases produced, we sold nearly all our wine to just a few of our favorite spots in Chicago. 2013 garnered the first significant critical reviews and press, with every bottling achieving at least 90 points from Wine Spectator. Our wines have continued to garner serious critical acclaim and we are proud to share them with you.

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Our Vineyards

We have long term grape purchase and lease agreements with multiple ultra-premium vineyards, and work with only two vineyard managers, the Ulises Valdez family and Dutton Ranch, ensuring consistency and control over viticulture. Additionally, our first estate planting was completed in June 2015: a high-density (meter by meter) planting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on the western edge of the Russian River Valley, near Freestone.


We focus on extremely small scale, cool fermentations, intervening as little as possible. All Pinot Noir is fermented in 3/4 ton bins, and Chardonnay is always barrel fermented. By diversifying our fermentations we are able to take more risks and create a greater palate of flavors. We strive to be on the edge, creating wines with truly unique character that you simply can't capture in commercial brands.

Brooks Friedeman, Proprietor and Winemaker