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Friedeman Wines


We focus on extremely small scale, cool fermentations, intervening as little as possible. All Pinot Noir is fermented in ¾ ton bins, and Chardonnay is always barrel fermented. By diversifying our fermentations we are able to take more risks and create a greater palate of flavors. We strive to be on the edge, creating wines with truly unique character that you simply can't capture in commercial brands.

Pinot Noir

Pinots are typically destemmed, but not crushed, with 5-15% whole clusters and then cold soaked for 4-5 days, extracting deep and rich color. In wet and cool vintages, 10-15% of the juice is bled off immediately after crushing to achieve rich flavors while maintaining acidity. Pinots spend 11 months in barrel, typically with no racking prior to moving to a bottling tank. 


Our Chardonnay is whole-cluster pressed straight to barrel and typically does not go dry until the summer following the vintage, with malolactic fermentation finishing soon after. This requires topping frequently and a very cold cellar. Wines spend between 6 and 12 months in barrel, depending on the source and vintage, with bi-weekly lees stirring the rule.