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Friedeman Wines

Our Vineyards

We have long term grape purchase and lease agreements with multiple ultra-premium vineyards, and work with only two vineyard managers, the Ulises Valdez family and Dutton Ranch, ensuring consistency and control over viticulture. Additionally, our first estate planting was completed in June 2015: a high-density (meter by meter) planting of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay on the western edge of the Russian River Valley, near Freestone.

Estate Vineyard

Estate Vineyard

Location: True Sonoma Coast. 550’ hillside just East of Freestone; the coldest site we farm. 

Varietals: Calera Selection & 777 Clone Pinot Noir

Soil: Gold Ridge sandy loam

Notes: Planted in ultra-tight meter-by-meter spacing, typical in Burgundy but extremely rare in California.


Lancel Creek Vineyard

Lancel Creek

Location: 900’ ridge top east of Occidental, straddling the border of the Russian River Valley and the "True" Sonoma Coast

Varietals: 777 & Pommard Pinot Noir,
Rued & Montrachet Chardonnay

Soil: Gold Ridge

Notes: Our primary vineyard source, owned and farmed by the Ulises Valdez family; multiple blocks on the ranch allow for varying microclimates

Terra de Promissio

Terra de Promissio

Location: Petaluma Gap, Sonoma Coast

Varietals: 777 & 115

Soil: Petaluma Sandy Loan

Notes: “The Land of Promise” owned and farmed by Diana and Charles Karren, planted in 2002, this impeccable site has gained an instant and loyal following.


Catie’s Corner

Catie's Corner Vineyard

Location: rolling hills south of Healdsburg (Russian River Valley)

Varietals: Robert Young Chardonnay

Soil: Steinbeck Loam

Notes: owned by the Kunde family and farmed by Dutton Ranch; our warmest site, allowing this high-heat clone to produce wonderfully tropical flavors at lower brix

Ross Ridge

Ross Ridge Vineyard

Location: Russian River Valley, one of the steepest planted hillsides 

Varietals: Pommard 4&5

Soil: Alluvial

Notes: As the sole growers, we control all fruit from this remarkable 3 acre site